Chef’Special – Passing Through || Music

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Lately I’ve been listening to Chef’Special’s music again, especially the album Passing Through. It’s just so relaxing and easy to listen to and I noticed that it was really hard NOT to dance to the music when I’m on the train. Their music differs from soft indie to rock to to reggae-kind-of-music, but my iPhone says it’s just pop. So something for everyone! And oh, I almost forgot to mention that it’s a Dutch band I’m talking about! So proud of our little country when it comes to (some) of our music!

The band consists of lead singer Joshua Nolet, guitarist Guido Joseph, bassist Jan Derks, keyboard player Wouter Heeren and drummer Wouter Jerry Prudon. In the Summer of this year they were even part of the opening act of Twenty One Pilots on their Emotional Roadshow World Tour tour! It makes me so happy when my favourite Dutch bands finally get the recognition they deserve from the rest of the world!

My favourite songs from their album Passing Through are Peculiar, Julie, Day Is Done, Carnivore and In Your Arms. Beneath you can find the songs Peculiar and In Your Arms, so treat your ears and enjoy!


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