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Yet another GREAT Dutch band: Di-Rect.  ‘This Is Who We Are’ is already quite an old album, but I still love listening to it every now and then, together with ‘Time Will Heal Our Senses’! (if you follow me on instagram, you could see me (as a goat) singing along to a couple of songs)

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Di-Rect is a rockband from The Hague in the Netherlands and consists of Marcel Veenendaal (lead vocals), Frans “Spike” van Zoest (guitarist), Jamie Westland (drums), Bas van Wageningen (bass, hah) and Vince van Reeken (keyboard). And before Marcel joined the band, the lead vocalist was Tim Akkerman, but back then I didn’t really listen to them regularly. Only when they were on the radio really. But I did have this little crush on Spike when I was younger, because he totally rocked his spiked hair!

But ever since Marcel took over the lead vocals, their sound got a bit more dreamlike in my opinion, which I reallyreally like. That’s why I listened to this and their other album ‘Time Will Heal Our Senses’ when I went to sleep. Most of the songs were just really relaxing to me! Although I just called the songs ‘dreamlike’, that doesn’t mean they lost their ability to rock!  I also liked listening to them, because their songs gave me power and hope in the hardest of times. And man, if only I could dance as passionate as Marcel hah!

Beneath you can listen to some of my favourite songs from ‘This Is Who We Are’. Hope you enjoy!


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