About me


Hi! My name is  Romi and welcome to my blog! On here I write posts about things that keep me busy. Throughout the week I’m a Literature student and well … in the weekends too. But besides a lot of homework, there also has to be time to do fun stuff, like reading and blogging!

I’ve had a tumblr page ever since the year of 2010, but I wouldn’t call that blogging since I mainly reblogged pretty pictures and whined about teenager problems. After my high school graduation I wanted to give my blogginglife a more personal twist. I’ve been trying to find my way in this busy blogging world ever since 2013. Well, you could also call me fickle: I like fashion, I start a fashion blog. Month later: I just love cooking, so I’ll start a cookingblog. I noticed that I wanted to fit into the blogging world a little too much by writing about the things the biggest bloggers write about, and not about my own passions. I think, after years and years of looking for it, I’ve finally found what I really enjoy writing about: BOOKS! So, on here you can find book reviews, To-Be-Reads, book hauls etc. and every now and then a small personal post will pop up as well. I hope you’ll enjoy your time on my blog!


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